LED RGB panel 160x20cm, 240pcs 5mm led, 230V


  • LED OCTO PANEL is a stylish light effect composed of 8 LED panels (20x20cm each)
  • It’s the right tool to create wonderful full color moving patterns at an affordable price!
  • You only need 8 LED OCTO PANEL units to make a 8×8 matrix containing 64 independent LED panels!
  • Can be used to build modern architectural projects
  • Different working modes:
  • Master/slave mode with several preprogrammed patterns (sound or static)
  • Preprogrammed color fades at different speeds
  • Selection of different preprogrammed colors
  • DMX controllable with different channel modes:
    • 6 Channel mode: all 8 panels are programmed together
    • 9 Channel mode: 2x 4 panels are programmed together
    • 15 Channel mode: 4x 2 panels are programmed together
    • 24 Channel mode: all 8 panels are programmed individually for maximum flexibility!
    • 27 Channel mode: all 8 panels are programmed individually, including 3 extra effect channels
  • Can be easily mounted against walls and ceilings: all controls and connections situated on the back panel for seamless integration in design interiors
  • Can be mounted in stage truss with the included brackets.
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