• Extremely versatile power supply for all kinds of passive RGB LED-projectors.
  • Different standalone working modes:
  • Hold mode: Instant access to 9 pre-programmed colors
  • Static chase mode: 12 different color chases with manual speed control
  • Sound chase mode: 12 different color chases with audio triggering
  • Spectrum mix: 32 different spectrum mix colors, including nice color fades
  • Adjustable speed and dimming with faders
  • Slow color fades with adjustable fade time
  • Blackout and ‘Full on’ function
  • All functions can be controlled directly on the on the LED-Manager or by the optional LEDCON-01 remote.
  • Several LED-Managers can be used in Master/slave mode to create high power, fully synchronized setups.
  • 300Watt power: 2x 150W 24Vdc outputs. (R+G+B) with short-circuit protections
  • Built-in Clock with battery backup and NiMH battery charger (batteries not included)
  • 3 independent programmable on/off timers. (start/stop 3 different color chases at 3 different times!)
  • Can be controlled by any standard DMX controller!
  • 4 DMX channels needed: Ch1=red, Ch2=green, Ch3=Blue, Ch4=Dimmer/strobe.
  • Enclosure prepared for easy installing against the wall.
  • Fan cooling for extra reliability.
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