Powered 4bar: 4xCOB RGB 36W + IR + incl. case


  • Stylish and compact powered 4BAR containing 4 energy saving COB LED-projectors
  • NO separate LEDs: each projector contains a 36W COB LED with perfect color mixing and the look of a traditional lamp !
  • Prepared for wireless DMX: just plug-in an optional WTR-DMX DONGLE ! (optional)
  • Exceptional high light output (exceeding the output of traditional PAR56 300W lamps !)
  • IR-remote controller included: no difficult controllers needed, perfect for DJs !
  • Equipped with 2 mains IEC-outputs, each with remote on/off control: any (LED) effect up to 500W can be connected !
  • Different working modes:
    • Standalone with IR-remote: automatic / beat synchronized color shows + on/off control of 2 (optional) effect lights
    • Master/slave mode: several bars can be used together for wonderful preprogrammed, music synchronized lightshows.
    • Controlled by our famous LEDCON-02 Mk2 or the optional “COB-4BAR FOOTCONTROL” remote.
    • DMX-controlled: different channel modes with program selection and individual RGB control.
  • LED-Projector beam angles = 15° with lens & 100° without lens
  • Perfect for mobile applications: only 1m long and weighs only 8kg !
  • Many applications possible: Discotheques, DJs, rental companies, …
  • 0-100% dimming and ultra-fast strobe function (no additional strobes needed!)
  • Excellent built-in programs for wonderful, ever changing, light shows!
  • Optional foot controller available: perfect for small music bands!
  • Backlit alphanumeric 2x 16character LCD-display for easy menu navigation.
  • Standard 35mm pole adapter included.
  • A light but strong case for easy transport is included with the 4BAR.
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