• This big brother of the extremely popular BT-W19L10 ZOOM is ready for the bigger stages, rental jobs and discotheques!
  • Extremely bright beam with 3 individually controlled LED-rings and 10° to 60° zoom for maximum creativity.
  • The 37pcs Osram “OSTAR” 4in1 RGBW 10W leds are the perfect choice for this projector, they guarantee perfect color mixing at any beam angle.
  • Perfect color consistency and extremely smooth dimming from 0% to maximum output!.
  • High speed pan/tilt movements with 16bit resolution assure dynamic show programming.
  • Calibrated color macros (Lee filters standard) for easy and fast show programming
  • Two different 14ch DMX channel modes which are 100% compatible with the BT-W19L10 ZOOM.
  • Additional 26ch DMX channel mode for full 3 LED-ring control, including all kinds of effect macros.
  • Automatic X/Y re-positioning
  • Neutrik PowerCON® in/outputs: easy daisy chaining of several units up to 16A.
  • Neutrik 3pin & 5pin in/outputs for maximum flexibility in a professional environment
  • Easy firmware updates keep your machine up-to-date at all times (optional firmware updater needed)
  • The LCD-display assures easy navigation in the different setup menus
  • High efficiency and low power consumption, only 450W 
  • Equipped with omega brackets for fast installation
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